The best reasons for visiting Bulls Bay Island in Charleston, SC

If you ever find yourself in Charleston, SC and want to get out explore, I suggest getting off the beaten path. I’m lucky to call Charleston home and I’ve been all around the city and seen most of the places, both known and not. I’m going to give you an insight to one of my favorite spots to get away. Sure, you could do the same old tourist things, walk downtown, visit a market, etc. Why not explore an untouched natural island with pure beauty. One place I suggest planning a trip to if you haven’t been is Bulls Bay Island. What a gem!

Before you go, plan on bringing or wearing, comfortable shoes for walking, a bicycle if you want, suntan lotion, bug spray, beach towel, a camera for pictures, water, and a snack. And whatever else you need, perhaps a good book.

How to get there you might ask. You’ll have to board a ferry to get to Bulls Island. There are several departure times each day leaving from Awendaw. Definitely call before planning your visit to confirm times. The ferry ride to Bulls Bay Island takes about 30 minutes. The captain and mate will keep you entertained with stories about the island, wildlife, and more. Be on the lookout for dolphins, all types of birds, and more.
Once you arrive on the island, your adventure begins. If you brought a bike you can enjoy riding around. Otherwise, get started walking as there are no golf carts or cars here.

Depending on how long you plan on staying, I suggest starting the trip to Boneyard Beach. This is my favorite part of the island. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, if you are a photographer, either professional or novice, you will take countless pictures here. The actual boneyard beach is what’s left of a forest that has been overtaken by the ocean and beach. What’s left is beautiful and unique.

On your way to or from Boneyard Beach, enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Stop, don’t move, take a moment to be still, be calm, and listen. You’ll hear no car traffic, or music, or construction noise. Enjoy the sound of nature, the birds, the insects, the waves crashing.

They say there are 293 species of birds. In addition to the alligators, bald eagles, bobcats, dolphins, and more. And don’t forget the mosquitos. Depending on the time of year you visit, do not forget to bring bug spray.

In total there are around 16 miles of trails going in and around the island and 7 miles of beach. A normal visit for me is all day and during this time you won’t get to see everything. I’m sure you’ll want to go back to see more.

Oh, and if you like beach combing and collecting shells, this is the place to go. Be sure to bring a bag to put them in.

What are you waiting for? Get out and see Bulls Bay Island. A gem just minutes north of Charleston.

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