Top 77 Travel Quotes to Inspire Wanderlust – Best Quotes

 Embark on a journey of inspiration with our collection of the top 77 travel quotes that evoke the spirit of wanderlust and adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking motivation or someone dreaming of exploring new horizons, these quotes capture the essence of travel’s transformative power. Join us as we delve into these timeless expressions that celebrate the beauty, curiosity, and excitement of exploring the world.

50+ Travel Quotes – The list

Do you need travel inspiration and are looking for the best travel quotes? Well, I do not know if these are the best ones, but at least there are a lot of travel quotes! Find your favourite!

  1. My Home Is In Heaven. I’M Just Traveling Through This World. -Billy Graham
  2. We Should Not Judge People By Their Peak Of Excellence; But By The Distance They Have Traveled From The Point Where They Started. Henry Ward Beecher
  3. Remember We Are All But Travelers Here. -Mary McKillop
  4. As Far As My Favorite Sites, I Do A Lot Of Mundane Stuff On Line Because I Travel So Much. -Bruce Campbell
  5. The Person Attempting To Travel Two Roads At Once Will Get Nowhere. -Xun Zi
  6. My Address Is Like My Shoes. It Travels With Me. I Abide Where There Is A Fight Against Wrong. -Mother Jones
  7.  You Get Educated By Traveling. -Solange Knowles
  8. When Traveling With Someone, Take Large Does Of Patience And Tolerance With Your Morning Coffee. -Helen Hayes
  9. I Like The Opportunity To Travel The World And Work In Close Company With Other People. -Marc GarneauI
  10. The True Traveler Is He Who Goes On Foot, And Even Then, He Sits Down A Lot Of The Time. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
  11. Writers And Travelers Are Mesmerized Alike By Knowing Of Their Destinations. -Eudora Welty
  12. Every Perfect Traveler Always Creates The Country Where He Travels. -Nikos Kazantzakis
  13. I Am Sure That No Traveler Seeing Things Through Author Spectacles Can See Them As They Are. -Harriet MartineauI
  14. It Is Not Fit That Every Man Should Travel; It Makes A Wise Man Better, And A Fool Worse. -William Hazlitt
  15. Nothing Gives Me As Much Pleasure As Travelling. I Love Getting On Trains And Boats And Planes. -Alan Rickman
  16. I Travel Not To Go Anywhere, But To Go. I Travel For Travel’S Sake. The Great Affair Is To Move. -Robert Louis Stevenson
  17. I Do Not Have Any Pets. We Travel Too Much. -Nancy Kerrigan
  18. The More I Traveled The More I Realized That Fear Makes Strangers Of People Who Should Be Friends. -Shirley MacLaine
  19. The Road To Ruin Is Always In Good Repair, And The Travellers Pay The Expense Of It. -Josh Billings
  20. The Hardest Part Is To Travel, And To Be Away From Your Family. -Glenn Tipton
  21. One Travels Like A Golf Ball, Hopping From Green To Green. -John Gunther
  22. If You Travel First Class, You Think First Class And You Are More Likely To Play First Class. -Ray Floyd
  23. Nobody Travels On The Road To Success Without A Puncture Or Two. -Navjot Singh Sidhu
  24. I’Ve Traveled Around The World And Made Love With Many Satisfied Women. So I Decided To Share My Story. -Rick Fox
  25. When The Traveler Goes Alone He Gets Acquainted With Himself. -Liberty Hyde Bailey
  26. Like All Great Travellers, I Have Seen More Than I Remember, And Remember More Than I Have Seen. -Benjamin Disraeli
  27. In Reality, We Are All Travelers – Even Explorers Of Mortality. -Thomas S. Monson
  28. My Wife And I Have So Much Fun When We Travel And Find Anything… Like Stray Cats And Squirrels. -Eric Roberts
  29. I Never Travel Without My Sketch Book. -Ian Wright
  30. The Undiscovered Country From Whose Bourn No Traveler Returns. -William Shakespeare
  31. Travel Is Very Subjective. What One Person Loves, Another Loathes. -Robin Leach
  32. A Man Travels The World Over In Search Of What He Needs And Returns Home To Find It. -George A. Moore
  33. Travel Is The Frivolous Part Of Serious Lives, And The Serious Part Of Frivolous Ones. -Anne Sophie Swetchine
  34. You Need To Be An Adrenalin Junkie When You Travel With Kids. -Graeme Le SauxYou Need To Be An Adrenalin Junkie When You Travel With Kids. -Graeme Le Saux

Travel Proverbs

  1. A Man Travels As Far In A Day As A Snail In A Hundred Years. – French Proverb
  2. Travel Broadens The Mind. – Traditional Proverb
  3. Don’T Travel Under Another’S Lucky Star. – Swahili Proverb
  4. People Get To Know One Another When Traveling. – Bantu Proverb
  5. Who Travels For Love Finds A Thousand Miles Not Longer Than One. – Japanese Proverb
  6. If You Are Travelling Towards The East, You Will Inevitably Move Away From The West. – Japanese Proverb
  7. Some Roads Aren’T Meant To Be Travelled Alone. – Chinese Proverb
  8. A Traveler May Lie With Authority. – Italian Proverb
  9. As The Sands Of The Desert Are To The Weary Traveler, So Are Words To He Who Loveth Silence. – Moroccan Proverb
  10. When Traveling Do Not Calculate The Distance, At Dinner Don’T Think Of How Much. – Chinese Proverb
  11. The Liar Will Travel The World Over, But Chooses Not To Go Back Home. – Polish Proverb
  12. Success Isn´T How Far You Got, But The Distance You Traveled From Where You Started. – Greek Proverb
  13. While Travelling, The Load Settles In Place. – Corsican Proverb
  14. Early Risers Travel Farther. – Romanian Proverb
  15. Wisdom Can Be Found Travelling. – Sri Lankan Proverb
  16. In Fair Weather, In Calm Waters And In Peaceful Travel, Even A Coachman Knows How To Sail. – Sicilian Proverb
  17. If You Want To Travel Fast Use The Old Roads. – Vietnamese Proverb
  18. He Who Has Travelled Alone Can Tell What He Likes. – Rwandan Proverb
  19. Ill News Travels Fast. – Italian Proverb
  20. Bad News Travels Fast. – American Proverb
  21. Beauty Never Travels In A Group. – Arabian Proverb
  22. The Hare And The Elephant Don’T Travel Well Together. – Bambara Proverb
  23. In The Desert Of Life The Wise Person Travels By Caravan, While The Fool Prefers To Travel Alone. – Arabian Proverb
  24. Who Has Travelled A Lot Has Seen A Lot. – Estonian Proverb
  25. Children Travel From The Heart To The Heart. – Swedish Proverb
  26. With Great Learning, A Horse, And Money, You May Travel The World. – British Proverb
  27. The Person Who Has Not Traveled Thinks His Or Her Mother Is The Best Cook. – Kamba Proverb
  28. He Who Talks To You While Travelling At Night Is Thanked In The Morning. – African Proverb
  29. A Gentleman Ought To Travel Abroad, But Dwell At Home. – British Proverb
  30. If You Travel With Lies You Will Reach Your Destination But You Might Be Unable To Retrace Your Steps. – African Proverb
  31. The Road To Ruin Is Kept In Good Repair, And The Travellers Pay The Expense. – American Proverb
  32. The World Is The Traveler’S Inn. – Afghan Proverb
  33. A Person Who Never Travels, Believes His Mother’S Cooking Is The Best In The World. – Kiganda Proverb
  34. He Who Travels With Hope, Has Poverty For His Coachman. – German Proverb
  35. A Lie Travels Farther Than The Truth. – Irish Proverb
  36. Old Men And Travellers May Lie By Authority. – Romanian Proverb
  37. Fear Doesn’T Travel By Donkey. – Mexican Proverb
  38. Wisdom Is The Least Burdensome Travelling Pack. – Danish Proverb
  39. Heaven Has A Road, But No One Travels It; Hell Has No Gate But Men Will Dig To Get There. – Chinese Proverb
  40. He Travels Fastest Who Travels Alone. – American Proverb
  41. A Lie Can Travel Half Way Around The World While The Truth Is Still Putting On Its Shoes. – African Proverb
  42. Tell Me With Whom You Travel, And I’Ll Tell You Who You Are. – German Proverb
  43. He Who Would Visit A Vice, Never Has Far To Travel. – Arabian Proverb

In conclusion, these top 77 travel quotes encapsulate the essence of wanderlust and adventure, inspiring us to explore, dream, and discover. Let these words continue to ignite your passion for travel and remind you of the endless possibilities that await around the globe. Safe travels, and may each journey enrich your life with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

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