Top 10 things to pack for a hiking trip

Photo by Joe Hayhurst

It’s important to bring the right essentials with you when you go on a hike, especially if it is a longer hiking trip. Here comes a top 10 list for the most essential items you should bring on a hiking trip.

1. Backpack. Start with a good backpack that is comfortable for your back to carry all your hiking gears. For longer hiking trips it’s good to choose a hiking backpack that has different pockets, so that all your gears has a right place for them. When you go on a day trip a smaller bag might be enough.

2. Weather-appropriate clothing. It’s never fun being cold and wet on your hiking trip. Therefore always pack waterproof outer clothes, since the weather might change rapidly. Use base layers and mid layers to adjust the clothing while walking and during breaks. Also pack some extra dry clothes, when going on a longer hiking trip.

3. Hiking and trekking shoes or boots. Choose comfortable trekking shoes for your hiking trip to avoid blisters and to keep your feet dry and warm. If the weather is rainy, waterproof hiking shoes might be a good idea.

4. Tent. If your hiking trip lasts several days, remember to bring a tent. You can find tents for all seasons. Choose the size of your tent according to how many persons you are hiking with. Nowadays there are also lightweight hiking tents available.

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5. Mattress. Bring a lightweight hiking mattress that packs into a small place during your hike. The mattress gives you comfortable sleep at night and makes it a little bit warmer than sleeping directly on the ground.

6. Sleeping bag. If you go on a longer hike for several days, a good sleeping bag is essential to keep you warm at night. There are different sleeping bags for different temperature to choose from. Good sleep during your hiking trips are important so you get well-rested and new energy for the next day hiking.

7. Water and food. Bring plenty of water and food with you. Snacks that are easy to bring with you are for example energy bars, beef jerky, bananas and nuts, but even a sandwich is nice for lunch too. More snacks ideas for hiking can be found here. For water, bring at least 2 liters per person for a day.

8. First aid kit. Always bring a first aid kit with you on your hike. Bandages, plasters, medical tape, antibacterial ointment, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, pain-relief medication etc. are good things to start with. First aid kits can be bought from Amazon for example.

Photo by Gary Crawford

9. Tools and supplies. A good knife and matches for fire making are good to bring with you.

10. Navigation. Even if the common hiking trails are usually well-marked, it’s good to bring navigation tools like a map and a compass.

Here is a good list to start with when packing for your hiking trip. If you need some hiking clothes and gear, you can order outdoor and camping essentials from stores specializing in outdoor activities, such as Halti for example.

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