Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole!

Jackson Hole has rightfully been considered a haven for snowmobiling! Beautiful mountains, extreme terrain, stunning views, and an amazing riding culture! This area receives a snowfall median of 450 inches every year and provides infinite snowmobiling opportunities for all riding enthusiasts. The Season starts early and ends late. Regardless of your skill or experience, Jackson Hole Backcoutry Rentals has snowmobiling adventures in store for everyone!

Why should you snowmobile in Jackson Hole?

Skiing is overrated! Venture into unknown waters (literally!) and enjoy a once in a lifetime snowmobiling experience. From groomed trails to heavy deep snow, have the perfect adventure exploring the back country on your own or with friends. Rent our snowmobiles from Jackson Hole Backcountry Rentals and visit any place that is otherwise inaccessible in the back country. What’s more to it than the excursion? The picturesque scenes you will get to witness will be a lifetime memory for you and your loved ones. Rent our snowmobile, have it delivered to you if you are in our covered areas, and then set out for a memorable ride to Granite Hot Springs for a nice soak or Togwotee area, covering more than 350 miles of trails.


Jackson Hole Backcountry Rentals is located in the heart of Jackson Hole and is delivery based, our customers have infinite trails to discover the beauty and nuance of the Wyoming Winter. Each ride in Jackson Hole is as unique and adventurous as possible in our snowmobiles!  What’s more, the stunning view from the trails will just not be found anywhere else. Because where else will you get to travel in the cover of the Grand Tetons, or have a blissful at the Granite Hot Springs, and be able to absorb scenes that breathtaking?


Exploring the back country on your own is always a blissful and amazing experience but with friends it is very exciting and fun. The thrill in driving our snowmobile through snow filled forests, alongside and on top of frozen lakes and frozen rivers, and  the peace and meditation in venturing away from civilization and everyday hassle; This is the reason why many choose to explore Jackson’s hole on their own. Jackson Hole is one of those perfect snowmobile destinations where you can slide your way through the innumerable trails and take your time to explore, venture and discover into vast territory. Absorb the scenic views, take photographs of your memories and have ample time to actually enjoy this lifetime experience with friends and family. While touring through a tour guide will make your tour a little mechanical, and limit your time and hence the scope of your experience; going on your own without a thorough knowledge of every nook and corner of the place will help give you the sense of adventure that tourists here are longing for and you will be able to take your time to enjoy the scenery. What’s more; we make sure to provide you with maps and hence all the guidance necessary to make this trip your own and have command and independence over all your touring experience!

What we offer:

Jackson Hole Backcountry Rentals the premium and one of the best quality snowmobile rentals in Jackson, Wyoming. We care for our customers and make sure they have the most hassle free and enjoyable experience and adventure they can possibly have in Jackson Hole. This is why we provide our customers with free delivery, a tank of gas for free, as well as safety gear like helmets, and the guidance maps necessary to find your way around.  We have consistently maintained a reputation for providing excellent snowmobile rentals for the adventure seekers in need.  We make sure to maintain and upkeep our vehicles at all times. Our professional mechanics maintain and take a great care of our machines. You will always find them in top working condition. Some of our UTVs are street legal and hence don’t require to be towed. Snowmobiles do though require a vehicle capable of towing at least 2000lb. You can easily drive street legal side by side it from your hotel or house in Jackson Hole to the nearest forest service road and enjoy a memorable day in the backcountry in summer.


We provide free delivery of our rental machines anywhere within town of Jackson, Wilson and Teton Village.


Capable of 9000 RPM, our snowmobiles are here to give you a damn good run for your money. With machines as majestic and powerful as ours, making your way through layers of fresh powder will be like sliding on a soft pancake. Fully packaged with advanced throttle control features – our light yet snow-dominating vehicles offer the best possible and most enjoyable maneuver you can manage to have in the Jackson Hole region.


Jackson Hole Backcountry Rentals offer snowmobiles at the very best value for your money. In other words, we provide everything that you would need in order to enjoy a safe ride on a great day. We provide rates that are unmatched in the market. We make sure our snowmobile is not just of the best quality and meets the safety requirements, but also are reasonably priced for rent so we can give the best value to our customers. Our prices are lower than any other snowmobile rental place in the area and value you get is better. More value to our customer is what we are here for!

What’s one of the most premium destination on every tourist’s mind in Jackson Hole? The spectacular Granite Hot Springs. Snowmobile in Granite hot springs and then delve yourself in the warm waters to have a spa-like relaxation; here’s why you must make sure to visit granite hot springs in Jackson Hole;

Granite Hot Springs:

Halfway through your snowmobiling excursion, pause for some time and enjoy a peaceful break to relax in the steaming, refreshing waters of these Hot Springs. Along Hoback Canyon to the south of Jackson, there exists this stunning tourist spot for complete relaxation and comfort. Escape the hassle and problems of your workday world and delve yourself into the warm rejuvenating natural-hot springs. Marvel at the stunning view of the Mountains and the towering pines that are all around you as you float in the serenity. Enjoy swimming and soaking in this natural hot spring. Granite Hot Springs are open in both the summer and winter. A tourist favorite for unwinding and easing the sore muscles from mountain and snowmobiling adventures, Granite Hot Springs is a stunning natural hot spring – consisting of a campground, soaking pool and a swimming pool– encompassed by the Gros Ventre Mountains. Granite Hot Springs are accessible via snowmobiles, dog sleds and skis in the winter. The Granite Creek Campground has more than 50 sites for camping tents and trailer camping, albeit on a first come basis. You can expect to be provided with picnic tables, proper toilets, clean drinking water and fire pits.

History of Granite Hot Springs

Built in the 1930’s, Granite Hot Springs is located just above Granite Creek Falls, towards the end of the Creek Road. The Granite pool is accessible through dirt road, on a way that, although rough and bumpy, is extremely picturesque. The Granite Hot Springs have always been considered the perfect location for families to unwind and relax after a tiring and exhausting time spent on hiking and nature.  Whether you are visiting the springs as your destination itself or just stopping to have a break, this is sure to be an amazing experience to commune with nature with your loved ones and make some cherished memories along the way!

Camping at Granite Springs

If you intend to experience a beautiful night under the stars, the Granite Creek Campground has more than 50 sites for camping and trailers. You will have to avail your camps on a first come first served basis. You will also have access to picnic tables, toilets, drinking water, and fire pits. The swimming pool located near Granite Falls will give the kids the time to splash, play and unwind.

Getting There

If you are visiting in the summer months, the Granite Hot Springs pools and campground will be easily accessible by car. If you’re here in the winter, the road via US-191 will only allow snowmobiles, dogsleds, snowshoes, and cross-country skis. Regardless of how you reach, we assure that your destination will be well worth the journey!

The Granite Spring experience

This famous tourist spot is undeniably a true paradise that offers views and soaking pools which render visitors speechless every time, be it any season! A majority of these tourists choose to visit in spring, summer, or fall when the bumpy and distinctly Wyoming road is easier to navigate. The winter is a relatively difficult time to visit, but worthwhile nonetheless. After access to Granite Spring is closed off in late fall, this place is basically only limited to snowmobilers. There is certainly a charm in this arduous powered effort to reach the Granite springs definition. The snowmobiling require quite some physical effort too. However you choose to get yourself reach the Granite Hot Springs, you are going to be in for a treat. The terrain provides a challenge and fun for both the rookie and expert snowmobilers alike, and will eventually end up at the foot of the Gros Ventre mountains that have walls sloping out the valley.

Have lunch in Granite Hot Springs!

Refreshed and rejuvenated by the calming atmosphere and the waters of the hot springs, enjoy a hearty, delicious hot lunch next to a fire near to the springs. This is the time to let your body relax and have some time for your soul.

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