Pros and Cons of Car rentals in Connecticut

Transportation in Connecticut is excellent and public transport fare maybe varied. Transportation is never an issue in these areas because almost all modes of transport are available for mobilizing in and outside of the tri-state area.  Connecticut car rentals are also excellent transport modes. Although public transport is very well available, some individuals prefer driving to their destinations themselves because that is more efficient and more affordable too. You have a huge family trip planned and all the members will not fit in your car. Connecticut car rentals can definitely provide a car suited to your needs. For those individuals who are still undecided about which mode of transport to prefer, here is a list of pros and cons of renting cars that might help you decide–


  • A car is definitely a faster option in comparison to any public transport.
  • It is not required to worry about maintenance of the car as the rent of the car covers all such expenses.
  • Paying rent for a car is definitely more affordable if it is for family trips or any trip as a matter of fact for only a few times a year.
  • The best part about renting a car is that you can choose your own route and take any alternate route you want to. You can take picnic breaks or take breaks to stop and enjoy the scenery.
  • You can rent any model you like. If you have been wanting to flaunt a really amazing model in front of your family and friends but at that point cannot afford to buy it, renting is a great option.
  • Irrespective of where you are, the car agencies deliver your car where you need them to.
  • Almost every car is equipped with GPS, so finding your destination will not be a problem.


  • The one good thing about public transports is that the risk of technical failures or break downs is slightly less. So with rented cars or any cars as a matter of fact, this is a precaution that must be taken, i.e., carrying essential spares etc.
  • Rental companies offer you a limited mileage that the car can provide, if the car exceeds the limit, you will have to pay some extra cash.
  • It is true that the car agencies deliver you the car where ever you are, but they expect a pick-up from the same place. If you choose otherwise, you would have to pay some extra cash.
  • The busiest routes have a huge amount of traffic congestion due to the increase in the number of individual cars.
  • You can travel wherever you want with the rented cars inside the country, but you cannot cross the country borders with rented cars.
  • Also, you will have to make sure that the bodywork of the car had to face no damage; in case of damage you might have to pay a penalty charge.

There are numerous more pros and cons that can be listed but Connecticut car rentals usually answer all the frequently asked questions and provide the best solutions for your needs of mobility in the country.

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