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Long Island is a beautiful place with lots of places to visit and lots of things to explore. The long 118 miles of Long Island have the boroughs of Brooklyn and also the Queens on the western edge, However, Long Island really starts where the city ends, that is, at the end of long traffic jammed roads and subways. Long Island is the dream destination for any beach lover. There is excellent Long Island car service available here that can take you to any destination in this place that you want to. This article is all about the destinations that you may like to visit when in Long Island-

Jones Beach State park

This is one of the most famous beaches in Long Island, always bustling with people and is an extremely popular day-trip destination for most. Every summer, numerous people come here to experience the Fourth of July fireworks display. The Amphitheatre here also hosts big musical acts.

Birthplace of Walt Whitman

If you have been a fan of Walt Whitman poetry, this is the place for you to visit. Whitman’s quaint cottage is restored and it appears exactly the same as it used to be when the family lived there. There are many long Island Car services that can bring you to this place.

Duck walk vineyards

This is a prime tourism attraction on the South Fork of Long Island. This part is very close the Hamptons, thus, boosting the popularity of this place. This is a fifty plus acre vineyard and it features a Normandy-style chateau. Individuals, who would like to have a more intimate experience, can visit the estate and opt for the guided tours followed by complementary wine tastings.

Nassau County museum of Art

This is a beautiful museum which has a campus ranging across 140 acres approximately. This also includes the Georgian mansion of the 18th century, which belonged to Sir William Cullen Bryant and later, Henry Clay Frick. This museum has a collection of over 600 pieces of American as well as European artworks.  The formal gardens, Tee Rider miniature museum and the sculpture gardens, make this place even more appealing for the visitors.

Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum

This is a 19th century Greek Revival styles mansion  and the unique museum here is the reason for Sag Harbor being “in business” for so long. This museum was built by Benjamin Huntting II and he owned numerous Whaling ships. Whaling ships was known to have drawn adventurous and young men from all the corners of the world who wanted to make a fortune for themselves. This museums exhibits interesting stuff like jaw bones of old whales, artwork, weapons used, historical documents for whaling and numerous clippings capturing the thrilling past of the sailors.

Sagamore hill

The Sagamore hill was the Long Island home for President Theodore Roosevelt from 1885 to 1919. The place is restored on the same way as it used to be when the President lived there, with the big game trophies of the President, objects he acquired during his globetrotting days, animal skins etc. Guided tours of the museums here are available.

There are many other interesting places to visit like the Vanderbilt Museum and planetarium, Nassau county art museum, Fire Island national seashore, Montauk Point state park and many more. All these destinations can be travelled with the help of Long Island car service and other easy transportation services offered by the city.

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