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5 Ultimate Surfing Islands for Your Next Adventure

As a surfer in Northern Europe or US/Canada, you have to travel to be able to surf all year around. And, the other way around, if travelling, why not travel to a place where surfing is possible? Here are 5 awesome islands to surf at 2024 for beginners, but also for intermediate or more advanced surfers!

5 Islands to Travel to for Surfing as a beginner 2024!

1. Southern Sri Lanka

Taking a trip to Sri Lanka for surfing during winter is never wrong. In Southern Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa you find great waves for beginners and more experienced surfers, you find surf board rentals, restaurants, bars, and a lot of culture. And if you want to explore more exotic areas during your vacation, going more north for safaris or hiking will fill your days off water with interesting things too. Staying in Sri Lanka is very cheap, and food is great!

2. Lombok next to Bali in Indonesia

Bali is a little overrated and crowdy, but awesome surf and culture. And, if you want to get some more private waves, take the boat over to Lombok and surf at Gerupuk where you have to take a boat out to the break, and you will have awesome waves suitable for beginners, with not too many other surfers. Lombok though is quite undeveloped still, and can be a great place for adventure or serious chilling, but also a little bit boring outside the surfing hours. But then it is really easy going back to Bali for more extravagant hanging around -time.

3. Fuerteventura

Who had thought Fuerte, one of the Canary Islands would be on the list? Well, for Europeans, it is the shortest possible flight for getting waves and warm weather during winter, and joining a surf camp in Corralejo is awesome. This is the best thing to do for a beginner surfer in Europe in winter, especially if travelling alone or in small groups, you will meet a lot of people in the surf camps, and the teachers will show you the best spots for the day.

4. Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil

The island where over 70 % is declared a National Marine Park is plain beautiful and unspoiled. Go here in the winter (December to March) and book a spot at a surf camp for being sure to be taken care of, and be able to surf some of the great spots like Bode, Boldro, Meio and Cacimba do Padre.

5. Barbados

You like luxury, taking it easy, bringing the family, but at the same time, enjoying awesome surf? Then look at Barbados! This Caribbean island with constant trade winds gets a really consistent swell throughout the year, and is very non-surf-tourist-friendly too if you are looking for a place where your non-surfing friends can have a blast too, while you enjoy world class surf. But why not book them with a instructor and let them learn how to surf too on one of the islands world class beginner spots?

I hope you get some waves this year at one of these island travel destinations for surfing 2024!

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