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Road transport is one among the three modes of transport. These include road, water and air transport. Road or land transport is also known as ground transport and is an inevitable part of today’s life. Nobody can imagine their day or night without this mode of transportation. Transportation in many places such as Chicago ground transportation is known for its amazing connectivity and wonderful, uninterrupted services. This article throws light on how useful and important is the ground transportation.

Advantages of road transportation

The ground or road transport is best among the three modes of transport because of less capital investment. The cost incurred on maintenance and construction is very less as compared to waterways and airways. Roads are mostly constructed by the government and require very less revenue or tax for usage. The other factor that makes this kind of transportation unique is its door to door service. Some of the best roadways such as in Chicago ground transportation offer outstanding services. Road transport reduces and minimizes cartage and helps in loading and un-loading of goods easily and reliably. This mode of transport is available where no other mode is possible such as hilly location, rural areas, villages and many others. Exchange of goods and services between towns and villages is all possible via roadways. Other plus point is their high flexibility without many expenses. The routes can be adjusted as per the need of the hour easily without advance planning and strict timings. This mode of transport is suitable for short to long distances with lesser risks of damage in transit.

Speed is the most important factor in terms of transportation. Unlike waterways, road transport not only requires less investment but is also faster and reliable. Everybody including a common man can own a private vehicle that can be used in the roads, making roadways the best mode of transport.

Disadvantages of Road transportation

In spite of various useful merits as excellent mode of transportation in various cities and states such as Chicago ground transportation, road transport has certain demerits as well. Unlike rail transport, motor transport is not that flexible during rainy seasons or in case of floods. Road transport is more prone to accidents and breakdowns and thus less safe in some cases. This mode of transport is not very suitable when it comes to heavy goods and long distances. Travelling with large amounts of goods is not comfortable with road transport and is possible with rail, water or air transport. Also rates and costs of other modes are fixed and vary slightly while that is not the case with roadways. Their cost and expenses may be less but vary largely depending upon the season, location and number of passengers.

Thus, be it any mode of transportation, air or water or road, one must be thankful to transportation services that make people’s lives easy and reliable. People can travel anywhere and everywhere in no time. With the advancement in transportation modes, the world has become a smaller and peaceful place to live in.

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