Adrenaline Activities to do Around the World

There’s no better way to escape the monotony of the work week, lift your spirits and experience a natural high than throwing yourself into an activity that reminds you you’re really alive! Maybe you know you’re looking for something new and exciting, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular adrenaline activities -and hopefully a few you’ve never even heard of- to get you in the mood for adventure! And keep in mind that while these activities are exciting because they feel dangerous, in reality they’re actually some of the safest sports out there – so don’t let fear stop you.

Take to the skies

When ancient man dreamt of machines that could one day allow us to travel with all the freedom and grace of a bird, it probably didn’t cross their minds that people would enjoy throwing themselves out of them quite so much! The human obsession with the power of flight has been around for millennia, and we’re lucky enough to have born into an era when we can enjoy it like never before. Here are a few spots famous for their aerial adventures…

Two adventures in one – Tandem paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa

Unlike skydiving where you jump from a plane, paragliding allows you to launch off naturally from a high point, and slowly descend back to earth – usually at the base of the mountain you started from. And there’s arguably no better spot on the planet than Cape Town’s beautiful Table Mountain to choose as your starting point! With tandem paragliding, you are accompanied by an experienced pilot to keep you safe while you take in the majestic scenery. Once you’re feeling comfortable enough, they’ll let you take over the controls if you want to. They even offer a unique 3D virtual reality camera option, so you’ve got a recording to really impress your friends back home with!

Finish your trip off in Cape Town with some serious adrenaline-pumping shark-cage diving.

Skydiving Mount Everest, Nepal  

If you’d like to tick two items off your bucket list at the same time, then this is the way to do it! You’ll need to be pretty fit though, as it takes about 11 days of trekking to reach your destination on the side of Mt Everest, after which you will be lifted to the appropriate 23,000 foot height by helicopter for your jump! Tandem jumps and solo jumps are available, and you’ll experience a few thrilling seconds of total free-fall before you open your chute for a more relaxed descent.  This is great way to experience the beauty and mystery of Sherpa country rounded off with one hell of a bang!

Take to the water

White water rafting the Grand Canyon, USA

While the USA has plenty of excellent white water rafting spots, it’s pretty hard to beat the sheer majesty of the Grand Canyon as your backdrop! This is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway, as you can throw in some hiking and enjoy the local wildlife for a day before you hit the rapids. You can even enjoy an exciting helicopter ride through the gorge to get a bird’s eye view of this world famous attraction.

Kiteboarding in Nabq Bay, Egypt

Also known as sky boarding or kitesurfing, kiteboarding is almost like surfing with wings! Aside from being bucket loads of fun, it’s also a great form of exercise – so if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, this can be an excellent and adrenaline packed alternative to the gym! If you’ve never experienced it before, then Nabq Bay in Egypt is probably the best place to start.

With relatively flat and shallow waters because of the surrounding reefs and minimal interference from tides, the wind here tends to blow at a steady 20 knots year round, meaning you’ll have endless opportunity to hone your skills. The area also boasts some stunning snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities if you’d like to head below the waves too!

Take to the trees

Rainforest zip lining in the Amazon

Producing an estimated 20% of the world’s oxygen, the Amazon is a precious place, and by supporting sustainable tourism in the area, you can do your bit to ensure its survival for future generations. And aside from all that – zip lining the canopy of the world’s most famous jungle is a magical and breathtaking experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Whether your kind of adventure takes place in the skies, underwater or high in the treetops, you’ll always be glad you threw a bit of adventure into your life!

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