5 Reasons to Book a Yacht Trip in Dubai

When you have spent some time in Dubai and think you have seen the city, it is time to take it to the next dimension. It is time for a boat trip in Dubai! Here are 5 spectacular reasons why this definitely should be on your todo list for your next visit in Dubai!

5 reasons to take a boat trip in Dubai

1. The skyline from sea

A look at Dubai skyline from the sea is something special. All the skyscrapers on the shore, surrounded by the huge desert.

2. The special kind of luxury you only get on a yacht

Spend a few hours or the whole weekend onboard a yacht, start of by choosing one of these luxury yachts in Dubai. You can choose boats for only the two of you, or yachts with room for up to 40 people for your special event. On a yacht you are completely free to do whatever you want. Stop for swimming or diving, dine with your friends, or just lay down in the sun while the wind gently keeps you a little cooler than if you would be on shore.

3. Go wherever you want

Do you want to go to Abu Dhabi? Or take a look at the Jumeirah from the sea? Or so far out that you do not see land anymore? No problem, on a yacht there are no roads that limits you from moving in any direction.

4. Go for an exciting fishing trip

Fishing in Dubai is a tradition that goes way back. A long time ago, the only ones that lived in Dubai were fishermen and pearl divers. Now you have a possibility to go for deep sea fishing in the waters of Dubai, just book a fishing boat with crew, and have them to take you to some great fishing spots. Expect to be able to catch sharks, barracudas, reef groupers or queen fish or one of the other kinds of fish that lurk in the sea!

5. A lot to see nearby

Do you have time for only a short trip? No problem, there is a lot to see nearby. On a two-hour cruise you will be able to go watching Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis. A three-hour cruise will take you to the artificial island where Burj Al Arab stands. If you have four hours, you can have a tour around The World Islands. With five hours you can go far out and see the skyline, or why not anchor in a shallow lagoon for some world class snorkeling?

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