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Top 10 ways of finding cheap trips and vacatoins - pranburi
Biking and hiking instead of organized tours is a smart budget trick

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Unusual destinations are often cheap (and reachabel by car, at least in Europe). Here is a picture from a roadtrip to Riga, Latvia.
Unusual destinations are often cheap (and reachable by car, at least in Europe). Here is a picture from a road trip to Riga, Latvia.

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Top 7 destinations to visit in Morocco 2021

Morocco is one of the best countries in the world and for many, the first destination to visit in Africa. It is a country that intrigues and excites tourists as it is entirely diverse. If you have never been there, you must have seen…

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Whitehaven beach

Queensland’s Family-Friendly Beaches – Top 3

Queensland, the third most populated state in Australia and the second largest, is home to the Great Barrier Reef. Also called the sunshine state, it has over 200 national parks, flourishing rainforests, and mountains, bushlands, creeks, lands perfect for farming, and has several beautiful…

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boutique hotels in france

10 Boutique hotels in France worth a visit

A Boutique hotel is usually a hotel with less than 100 rooms. A petite hotel with a strong personality and a lot of local flavors, but that still feels modern and fresh. Usually, a Boutique hotel also welcomes four-legged friends like dogs and cats…

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How To Clean Towels While On Travel

A colorful beach towel spread over white sands is the most symbolic summer attire. What you might not know is that these towels take in a lot of dirt from salt, sunscreen, sand, chlorine and tanning products. Therefore, learning how to wash and clean…

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How to Choose the Best Flight at All Times

Are you planning to travel long-term or short term? There’re instances where you’ll have to boot at least a single flight or maybe several. Selecting the ideal plane can cause a massive difference to your flight and trip experience. There are essential factors to…

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