one of the most expensive hotels in the world - Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa
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Most Expensive Hotels in Dubai 2017
best hotels in helsinki

Top 10 things to pack for a hiking trip

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It’s important to bring the right essentials with you when you go on a hike, especially if it is a longer hiking trip. Here comes a top 10 list for the most essential items you should bring on a hiking trip. 1. Backpack. Start with a good backpack that is comfortable for your back to carry all your hiking gears….

Top 10 tips and tricks for cheap travel

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Traveling is now more common than ever, more and more people every year are traveling to more and more destinations. When volume is increasing and competition between the destination is rising, there are some great opportunities for finding cheap trips and vacations. Here we look at 10 easy-to-do ways of getting away on a budget. Find cheap travel alternatives by…

best credit cards for travel - singapore finance district

7 Best Travel Credit Cards

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Travel credit cards have grown to become a valuable part of airline travel, especially among regular travelers. Travel credit cards are reward cards that help users earn free travel, attain elite member status with airlines and hotels, and enjoy many other travel-related perks. Basically, travel credit cards work by rewarding users with points or miles that can be spent on…

Places to visit in Pune India

Places to visit in Pune, India, 2019

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Top 7 Places to visit in Pune: Pune is a rambling city in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. There is a high population of students hence the epithet “College Town of India.” Expect a young atmosphere in the town, little surprise it’s fast becoming India’s next IT hub. A town so rich in history, the Peshwas (prime ministers) of…

Places to visit in Hyderabad

Top 77 Travel Quotes

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Do you need travel-inspiration and went looking for the best travel quotes? Well, I do not know if these are the best ones, but at least here are a lot of travel quotes! Find your favourite!

one of the most expensive hotels in the world - Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa

Top 10 most expensive hotels in the world 2020

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A hotel maybe any establishment that provides paid accommodation on a short-term basis but the level of comfort varies and that is what distinguishes one from another. Some hotels are like heaven on earth with ‘out of this world’ facilities, situated at great locations. If you have an unlimited budget looking for a premium lodging experience anywhere in the world,…

top 10 places to visit in New York

Top 10 places to visit in New York 2018

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Top 10 places to visit in New York: New york, The Big Apple, or the City that Never Sleeps, there are so many names that New York goes by! Find out what to do in the city! With so many famous sites and attractions, it could be hard to pick how to spend your time in one of the best cities…


9 Places to Visit in Bangalore 2018!

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PLACES TO VISIT IN BANGALORE 2017: Check the list! Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital of India’s Southern Karnataka state. It is the third largest city in India and considered the most livable after a countrywide survey. The city has slowly evolved from being the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India due to its booming IT industry.  Asides IT, it…